Extreme Heat

What to do when there is extreme heat:

– Slow down. Your body can’t do its best in high temperatures.

– Get out of the heat and into a cooler place as soon as you begin to feel too warm.

– Drink plenty of water to keep your body from dehydrating.

– Maintain salt levels in your body. If you’re on a salt-free diet, check with your doctor.

– Avoid high protein foods. They increase your body’s water loss and heat production.

– Dress appropriately in light-weight, light-coloured clothing.

– Avoid getting sunburned, it restricts the body’s cooling system.


The humidex is an index that describes how hot or humid weather feels to the average person. It is only used when the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius. The humidex combines the temperature and humidity into one number. A humidex of 40 with a temperature of 30 degrees means that the humidity on that day, combined with the 30 degree temperature, will feel like 40 degrees on a dry day.