Loss of Utilities

While all Utilities do their very best to maintain their services, from time to time there are events that interrupt that service.

Problems with Hydro may be isolated to your home or may be widespread. Check with neighbours ro see if their power is working. Report downed power lines by phoning 911.

The safety controls on natural gas equipment are designed to close and shut equipment off if gas flow is interrupted. The natural gas distribution system is designed to deliver gas in the event of isolated power outages. Natural gas furnaces do not have to be turned off. For information on your equipment contact the manufacturer.

What to do to stay warm in your home:

– Keep windows and doors closed. Dress warmly.

– Use your emergency heating source to warm one room before it gets too cold.

– If water pipes are at risk of freezing, follow instructions below.

Use great care with equipment that burns fuels. Many appliances generate dangerous levels of carbon monoxide very quickly. Adequate fresh air must enter the area where the appliance is used. Check each appliance/manufacturer for fresh air ventilation requirements. BBQ’s, camping stoves, heaters and fuel must be used and stored outside.

What to do to prepare for freeze up:

– Drain water pipes to prevent freezing and splitting the pipes:

a) Shut off tap water meter,

b) Open taps in house,

c) Open tap in basement and drain water into pails.

– Drain the hot water tank (ensure heat source is off), hot tub, washing machine, dishwasher.

– Flush the toilet and add recreation vehicle antifreeze to tank and bowl. Add antifreeze to all sink, bathtub, and floor drains.

– City works crews may shit off the water at the street and drain the line to your house. They may also require access to your house to drain the water meter.

– Wrap the valve, inlet pipe and water meter with blankets or insulating material.

What to do when the Hydro is off:

– Check with your neighbours to see if they have electricity.

– If your home is the only one without power, the problem could be in your residence.

– If you do not know how to change a fuse or re-set the breaker contact Manitoba Hydro or a professional electrician.

– If it is a neighbourhood power outage, unplug all appliances to avoid damage from a power surge when the power is restored.

– Shut off all lights except one to signal the return of power.

– Contact Manitoba Hydro, see “Emergency Numbers”.

– Turn on your battery powered radio tuned to a local station.

– Report all downed power lines by phoning 911.

What to do when the Hydro is back on:

– Wait a few minutes from the power to stabilize before plugging in appliances again.

– Be sure the water heater is full of water before turning it on.

– Turn off portable heaters.

What to do when the natural gas is off:

– Call Manitoba Hydro Gas Operations.

– Turn the thermostat down so it is not calling for heat.

What to so when the natural gas is back on:

– You many have to re-light the pilot light(s). Call Manitoba Hydro Gas Operations for help.

– Se sure the water heater is full of water before turning it on.

– Turn up the furnace thermostat.

– Turn off portable heaters.

What to do is you suspect carbon monoxide in your building:

– Open all doors and windows and leave the building immediately.

– Immediately seek medical attention for those affected by phoning 911.

– Call Manitoba Hydro Gas Operations for an emergency inspection.