How To Pay My Taxes & Utility Bill Online

The Municipality does not accept e-transfers, please follow the instructions below to pay your bills online.

1. Go into your online banking app or web browser

2. Click on your Manage Payee link to add us as a payee

3. Type in Municipality of Lorne; Rm of Lorne or Lorne.  Every bank has us set up as a different account name.  Call your branch to find out what your bank uses

4. Add your account number by typing the first 6 digits of your account number or roll number. 

* Refer to highlighted text*

5. Do this for each roll number you have for taxes and utility account number.

6. Once you have added us as a payee, you can start paying your bills.

** It can take 3-6 business days for your payment to process, so pay early**